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Designer Frames

We selected our collection of high-quality frames to reflect the latest in eyewear style, fashion, and functionality. Whatever your age or eyewear needs, we have something for you! Please see the list below for some of our Designer Brand choices.


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We have a wide range of polarized sunglasses that reduce glare and provide protection from harmful UV rays.

Sports Wear

We carry RecSpecs, below are a list of benefits and uses:

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Frame Shape Guide

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Recommended Lenses

Unmatched Tradition Unequalled Performance

For over 160 years, ZEISS has been the world leader in precision optics. From microsurgery to scientific research, Hollywood filmmaking and the U.S. space program, professionals who require the best in clarity, precision and quality choose ZEISS.

Seeing is Living

Nothing is more important than the quality of your vision. You trust your eye care professional to provide the best in vision care. And your eye care professional trusts eyeglass lenses from ZEISS to provide you with the clear, precise vision you expect. ZEISS pioneered many of the innovations that define modern eyeglasses. And today we continue to evolve the science of optics for one simple reason: to create a higher level of clarity in eyewear that is completely tailored to your needs and your life. Your eyeglass lens needs depend on many factors, including your basic vision condition, age and lifestyle. ZEISS offers the designs, materials and lens treatments that allow your eye care professional to provide the precise eyewear solution for you. Progressive lenses are the best choice for presbyopia, a normal vision condition that affects most people beginning in their 40s. ZEISS offers advanced progressive designs that integrate distance, mid-range and reading vision in one continuous, natural view. Single Vision lenses from ZEISS feature advanced designs that offer flatter lens profiles and edge-to-edge clarity. Occupational lenses from ZEISS offer optimum vision for viewing your desk, computer screen and work area, making them the ideal second pair for office professionals. ZEISS anti-reflective lenses virtually eliminate lens reflections, so you get the clearest, most precise vision from your eyeglasses. You can get ZEISS anti-reflective lenses for any prescription. Zeiss Individual® Zeiss Individual lenses give you the clearest, most expansive field of vision available today. In fact, clinical trials proved wearers of Zeiss Individual experienced up to 50% larger fields of view. That's because each Zeiss Individual lens is custom made for you based on specific data provided by your eye care practitioner, such as your prescription, frame selection, and facial features. The end result is a one-of-a-kind lens that's personalized for just one person- you.

Clearer Vision

As a result, you'll enjoy the following benefits:

*For children under 18 we require them to wear Polycarbonate Lenses because of their impact resistance and lightweight.

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PureCoat© by Zeiss

ZEISS Individual®: Experience true clarity- Eyeglass lenses by ZEISS

Why PureCoat© by ZEISS?

Eyeglass lenses are designed to correct your vision so you can see more clearly. But without a superior coating on your lenses, everyday occurrences may keep your from experiencing your best vision possible. PureCoat© by ZEISS can help.

Crisp, clear vision all day, all night.

Everything you see has a reflection. Some of the worst reflections come when driving at night. Glare from other vehicles' headlights and streetlamps can hinder your vision - even more so in the rain. PureCoat by ZEISS reduces reflections, so you'll you have crisp, clear vision, all day and all night.

Cleaner, more durable lenses.

Dust and dirt on your lenses negatively impacts your vision. PureCoat by ZEISS uses state-of-the-art anti-static technology to repel dust and dirt, keeping your lenses cleaner, longer. Also, PureCoat by ZEISS utilizes advanced scratch-resistant technology to provide lenses so durable that they last the life of the prescription.

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PhotoFusion Eyeglasses adjust to any light condition - full sunlight, indoor lighting and everything in between. PhotoFusion® by ZEISS lenses do it all - and do it fast. Fast darkening. Fast fade back.

PhotoFusion polycarbonate and high-index lenses darken up to 20% faster and fade back up to two times as fast* as previous photochromic lenses offered by ZEISS.

Very clear indoors. Very dark in sunlight

PhotoFusion by ZEISS lenses offer excellent vision under all lighting conditions.

100% solar UV protection for your eyes.

No matter how dark or clear they are, PhotoFusion by ZEISS lenses always block 100% of harmful solar UV rays. Your eyes will not only be comfortable in all lighting conditions, they'll be fully protected.

PhotoFusion by ZEISS is available in gray and brown tints.

* Average performance. Performance will vary by material, temperature and light conditions.

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